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Are you looking to improve and automate your processes?

Would you like to stand out in the translation and language services market? Improving your IT landscape could help?

As an innovative language service provider, you need the best possible technological basis: reliable CAT tools, high-performance translation management systems, intuitive customer portals and the right interfaces to your customers.

We offer information technology support tailored to your individual requirements: At lingo systems we work with you to design and, if required, to implement your information technology landscape. We are familiar with the common products of the language industry (Plunet, RWS, memoQ, Across etc.).

Our role is to help you think ahead and to plan your next steps. What will the translation industry look like and how will it function in the near future? Be a technical pioneer and join us in taking your language services to the next level!

Our services

Customer Portal

TBMS Consulting

Automating Quality Management

Integration with enterprise systems

CAT / TMS Integration

MT Integration

Company API

Customization of standard systems

Translation Memory & Terminology Integration

B2B & B2C Shop Solutions

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Vendor Management

LLM Integration

How we work

You’ve already figured it out: We develop innovative tech solutions for the language industry. Regular reviews and feedback mean that the customer is closely involved in all stages of the development. We work reliably, on time and within budget. We deliver robust, scalable, flexible, future-proof and high-quality solutions. Our focus is always on your added value – we can help you to reduce your costs, increase your order volume and improve the quality of your language services.

We provide neutral advice on technologies and are dependable partners, trendsetters and pioneers – independent of product providers. We are authentic, honest, pragmatic and we find solutions for even the most complex challenges.

Would you like to know how our way of working is perceived from the customer’s point of view? Diction AG, our long-standing customer, wrote about our collaboration – under our former name – in its in-house magazine “Dictionary”.

Why we stand out

lingo systems has been developing highly innovative software solutions for more than 15 years. Our knowledge of the translation and language services industry is deep and comprehensive: we have even developed a complete and successful translation management system or take over the development work of other systems.

Nonetheless, we also know the relevant standard products, their advantages and weaknesses; we are no strangers to the agency business. We are smart and creative and it is our aim to develop the best individual technology basis for your company.

Why language services


In a globally connected world, language services such as translation and localization will always play an important role. We believe that some of these services will be fully automated in the future. However, we also believe that there will be a growing need for high-quality human language services.

Certifications such as ISO 17100 or ISO 18587 are relevant for language service providers in order to guarantee the high quality of their own language services and to set themselves apart from competitors. Modern technologies can help you achieve these certifications and raise your language services to a new level.

Our mission: to provide language service agencies with the best possible technological support for their work.

Customer testimonials

“lingo systems won us over with an excellent project presentation ahead of development. The agile development process was implemented outstandingly. We were thus able to introduce modified or supplementary requirements at any time during the development phase. The result is a stable translation management system that efficiently supports the teams at Diction AG throughout the entire value stream, freeing up more time for our customer – the central goal of this system development! The customer portal, developed exactly according to our needs, and the freelancer portal, also built individually for us, simplify our daily work enormously.”
Patrick Fassbender (CEO), Diction AG


In recent years, LSPs have invested heavily in technologies to optimise and automate their workflows in order to stay competitive in the market. However, many LSPs still face such investment decisions. They are wondering which investments – at which points in their value creation chain – really make sense and will contribute to success in the long run. The technological possibilities seem endless, but the means and also the time available are limited.
In this article, we take a bird’s-eye view of value creation at an LSP and show how the system landscape available today can help optimise value creation. For LSPs, this perspective provides new food for thought and should help them to prioritise sustainable, long-term solutions that benefit customers, employees and partners alike when making optimisation and investment decisions. Read more…

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